Your guide to the FNB Joburg Art Fair

FNB Joburg Art FairFNB Joburg Art FairFNB Joburg Art Fair
FNB Joburg Art FairFNB Joburg Art FairFNB Joburg Art Fair

Your guide to the FNB Joburg Art Fair

Art lovers around Africa know about the annual FNB Joburg Art Fair, mostly because it features African artists from all over the continent and not just South Africa. This year will be its 11th year as a leading contemporary art fair in Africa and one you most certainly won’t want to miss.


About the FNB Joburg Art Fair

Having began in 2008, the FNB Joburg Art Fair by Artlogic has become a place for national and international buyers and visitors to come appreciate and buy some of the best contemporary art Africa has to offer. Through the years it has grown into an annual event for artists, curators, collectors and enthusiasts to come together and celebrate African art.

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You’ll find all forms of art from sculptures, paintings and photography, to prints and multimedia installations. Last year’s categories were broken down into contemporary, modern, solo presentations, limited editions and art platforms galleries where relevant artists’ works were displayed.


Some featured artists for 2018

Artlogic has released a promotional video for this year’s art fair. And in that video, has dropped a few names of featured artists in the 2018 event. Here is a bit of information on those artists to give you an idea of what they specialise in, you know, just to get you even more excited for the art fair.

  • Wangechi Mutu: Born in Kenya and educated in Connecticut, New York and the United Kingdom, this artist is known for expressing her art through paintings, sculptures, performance and videos with strong themes of gender constructs, self-image and cultural trauma in her works.
  • Aida Muluneh: An Ethiopian photographer and artist that longs for her art to “make Africa digestible in a different way” and also achieves this movement through her Developing and Educating Society Through Art (DESTA) movement. You’ll likely find bright and bold colours contrasted and patterned in her photographs that reflect her aggressiveness as a person and artist.
  • Sanaa Gateja: Also known as “The Bead King”, Sanaa’s artworks are a combination of art and jewellery. Beads, bark cloth and raffia are his materials of choice. His themes are universally human despite the African visual one gets when they view his art.
  • Serge Alain Nitegeka: Living in Johannesburg (born in Burundi), Serge has had his artwork exhibited all over the world. He also won the Tollman Award for Visual Arts in 2010 and you will have the opportunity to see why at the FNB Joburg Art Fair this year.
  • Rehema Chachage: A multimedia artist from Tanzania who uses her art as an expression of gender, identity, patriarchy and inheritance, with inspiration from her own life as a woman in Africa.
  • Ato Malinda (Alex Mawimbi): Hailing from Kenya and making waves with her performance, installation and drawing art, Ato is known to confront controversial topics through her art. She also focuses on the African identity in her pieces, many of which have been seen in galleries around the world.
  • Sarah Waiswa: A Ugandan born in Kenya and specialising in photography, Sarah Waiswa explores the New African identity in your contemporary photographic and visual art. Her projects have been exhibited in France, London and Uganda.
  • Osborne Macharia: A Kenyan photographer with a knack for impactful storytelling through his distinctive photographs. Narratives through photographs are his speciality and through this, he is able to speak out about gender abuse, victims of war-torn countries in Africa and ivory poaching. His work is featured in international publications and, later this year, at the FNB Joburg Art Fair for you to admire.

Just keep in mind that last year there were 60 exhibitions and 600 works of art. This is just a small taste of what’s to come.


The need-to-know details

If you want to see everything that this four-day contemporary art fair has to offer, you can buy your tickets online from their website. The FNB Joburg Art Fair for 2018 starts on the 6th and ends on the 9th of September at the Sandton Convention Centre. The Film Programme on the 8th and the Talks Programme on the 9th are open to the public and free of charge – so money isn’t an excuse to miss the fair completely.  

More information for this year’s FNB Joburg Art Fair event is still to be released, but keep an eye on their website for any new information about the event details. There is such a thing as the fear of missing out, and if you don’t buy your tickets, you definitely will be.

FNB Joburg Art FairFNB Joburg Art Fair